I am very much a perfectionist and spend many hours on create my dolls.
My goal is to achieve the ultimate in realism and capture the true spirit and essence of a real live baby.


The first step is the removing of all factory finishes.
Cleaning down and degreasing of all vinyl parts


I use air dry paints in many delicate layers, I always mix my own color.
The paints are permanent and will not chip or fade with time, because I mix them with a specilal primer varnish.

After coloring all the parts are sealed with matte varnish to protect the vinyl from scratches and uv rays.

All the dolls have very delicate veins and capilliaries, milkspots, birthmarks....

The lips are softly colored and sealed with satin varnish.

The most of my babys have hand painted eyebrows, or painted + rooted eyebrows.

I spend many hours painting my babies to make them look as real as possible.


After the doll is painted, then comes the hair rooting.
I use a very small gauge with only one barb needle to put only one or two hairs in each hole.

This process is called micro rooting and needs a lot of time..
All my dolls are rooted wit high quality Kid Mohair from Slumberland or QuinnOBrien.

After the rooting I put the sealer all over the inside of the doll head to help hold the hair in place for gentle brushing and washing.

Eyes, Nose, Mouth, Fingers and Toes

All the eyes are Lauschaer glass eyes from Germany in different colors. .

The noses are opened carefully and backed with dark brown felt for extra depth and realism.

The mouth and the nose inside are sealed.
The little fingers and toes are manicured and sealed to give that newborn fresh cut look.


Every Baby get a cloth body of high quality cloth.


Head, body and limbs are carefully weighted with glass beads, premium fibre fill, and soft polly fill.
All my dolls have a realistic weight and positions.
I use no sand and only non toxic materials to create my babies.

These handcrafted dolls are collectable dolls and must be handled with care.
They are not meant to be toys or to be played with by children.


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